Which Size is Better for Your Sink- 4 inch vs 8 inch faucet?

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There are many types of faucets that you can find in the market. However, 4inch and 8-inch faucets are one of them. Most people love this faucet for their kitchen and bathroom. But it isn’t very clear when you must choose between them.

Moreover, there is a conflict about the 4-inch vs. 8-inch faucet. However, in this article, I will compare a 4-inch faucet and an 8-inch faucet.

Besides, it can help you with your purchasing decision. Please read this article attentively to know perfectly. So, let’s get started:

Difference Between 4 inch vs 8 inch faucet

Now, I will give you the comparison between 4inch and 8-inch faucets. However, there are lots of differences between them.

You need to know the difference to know the 4-inch vs. 8-inch faucet. Because you cannot make the purchase decision without knowing the difference. So, let’s started:

1. Distance

As you already know, both are distances from their name. However, 4 inches faucet outer holes size is 4 inches. And 8 inches is the same as a 4-inch faucet. Its faucet holes size distance is 8 inches.

2. Number of Handles

You will get a single handle or double handle. It will vary from model to model. However, the 8-inch faucet comes with two handles. You cannot get a single handle in any 8-inch faucet model.

3. Spout/Handle Attachment

Some faucets are attached with a spout/handle while fittings. However, 4-inch faucets come with a spout/handle attached. But 8-inch faucets do not come with a spout/handle attachment.

4. Best For

Four-inch faucets are best for small bathrooms. And also best for small space place. On the other hand, 8-inch faucets are best for big bathrooms with big places.

5. Type of Faucets

Four-inch faucets are the center set and widespread mini types of faucets. But 8-inch faucets are widespread types of faucets.

Things to Consider While buying 4-inch & 8-inch Faucet

Before purchasing 4 inches or 8-inch faucet, you must consider some important things. It would be best if you needed to consider those things. Because it can help you with your buying decision. So, let’s know the things which consider while buying 4 inches & 8-inch faucets:

1. Design

You must consider the design and finishing of your faucet. However, people love the aesthetics and best design for their faucets. Besides, you can choose who an ADA certification has. Because this certificate tells that it is perfect for those are disabilities.

And don’t forget to consider the finishing option. But it will depend on the brand. Moreover, this finishing can add an extra touch to your design. Some finishing is durable and inexpensive. Chrome and stainless steel are the popular finishing picks.

2. Size and Configuration

It is essential to consider the size and consideration of your faucet. However, you can take a 4-inch faucet if you need a small one. It will be best in the cramped places. Besides, the 4-inch faucet won’t take up any unnecessary space.

When you need a big faucet, then 8 inches will be perfect for you. Because it will work well in the spreading place. And this is the widespread type of faucet. So, size and configuration will depend on your needs.

3. Standard

Plumbing features must need to fulfill the specific standard. You can check the level of your local or national standard. However, these standards are very important because they control the faucet properties.

Moreover, you can take a BPA or Lead-free faucets. And also, look for the CUPC certification. It ensures that your product is fully safe. So, must consider the standard level of your feature.

4. Sink Compatibility

Before buying any faucet, consider whether it is compatible with your sink. Because all the faucets are not coping up with your sink. If you want to buy a new faucet, it’s an opportunity. Because here, you can purchase a combo faucet with a sink. Here you can easily compare with each other.

Moreover, you will get some brands that sell this combo. And also, check the sink hole and how many holes are in the sink deck. It can make your work easier. And you can easily take a decision which is the best for you.

5. Quality

Quality is very important in any product. And when you are going to buy a faucet, then it’s mandatory. You have to choose the best quality faucet. Because best quality ensures you to durable for a long time.

To know the quality, you can take help from some online forums. And also measure it from your knowledge. But don’t compromise with the quality of your faucet.


1. How many pre-drilled holes are in your sink?

The faucet size will depend on the holes drilled. If your faucet hole is 4 inches, you must purchase the 4-inch faucet. And if your drill holes size is 8 inches, you must go for the 8-inch faucet.

2. 4-inch or 8-inch faucet suited for your bathroom?

If your bathroom has a lot of big space, go for 8-inch faucets. But when your bathroom is small and restricted, you must go for 4-inch faucets.

3. What are some popular 4-inch or 8-inch faucets?

There are some popular faucets for 4-inch and 8-inch faucets. However, some are Delta, Moen, Parlors, etc. But you can get other companies’ faucets. But these are the best in the market.

Ending Thought

So, the conflict between 4-inch vs. 8-inch faucets is over now. This article is the full guide of them. Here I give you a detailed comparison between 4 inches and 8-inch faucets. And also tell you some considerable things before purchasing.

Moreover, you have to be aware while purchasing. Try to purchase a quality faucet for your kitchen or bathroom.

If you are confused about two or three faucets, try to find the comparison. It can help you a lot. That’s why I clear this confusing matter.

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