7 Best Cotton Candy Machine For Home Use Reviews 2023 [Top Picks]

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Cotton candy is one of the most common childhood nostalgia in the United States and many other parts of the world. Buying a cotton candy machine will help you relive all those pre-teens state fair memories right at the comfort of your home. What is the best cotton candy machine for home use? We will explore the answer to that question in this piece.

The variety of features, shapes, and sizes in cotton candies might leave you dumbfounded. You can customize the flavor and the size of the candy to your liking. Some machines are as compact as any other countertop kitchen appliance.  There are also larger versions, the ones we usually see in carnivals.

If you don’t want to go through all the reviews, let me recommend you the Best Cotton Candy Machine For Home Use here.

Our Top Pick
Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine with 5 Sugar Pack - Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Pink Vanilla
9.2/10Our Score
  • COMPLETE COTTON CANDY KIT: Includes – Pink Cotton Candy Machine, Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Orange, & Pink Vanilla Floss Sugar, & 50 Paper Cotton Candy Cones
  • A CLASSIC TREAT FOR ALL: Bringing smiles to both the young and the young-at-heart, with a tasty treat that’s been a hit for ages
  • GET THE PARTY STARTED: Kid birthday parties, teen game nights, and even adult cocktail hour, just got a little better with cotton candy on the side
  • CANDY ANYTIME: No need to head to the carnival for cotton candy anymore, simply make it at home – anytime and anywhere

What’s our ultimate pick as the best cotton candy machine for home use? It is the Cotton Candy Express CC-1000S. We loved it because of its user-friendliness, five different flavors of free floss sugar, and easy portability. That said, it does come have some limitations. But, we felt its advantages far outweigh the drawbacks.

If you have the time, stay with us a bit longer and find out about the other cotton candy machine offerings that caught our attention. Moreover, we will look at some key factors that you need to consider while buying cotton candies. In addition to all that, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Best Cotton Candy Machines For Home Use: Comparison Table

6315 Great Northern Popcorn Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine Floss Maker With Cart1. Great Northern Popcorn 6315 Flufftastic36 lbs38×20.25×35.5
Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine with 3 Sugar Pack - Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry2. Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S10.01 lbs16.5×7.5×13.5
VIVO Blue Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Floss Maker CANDY-V001B3. VIVO CANDY-V001B23.3 lbs22.44 x 22.44 x 13.39 inches
Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED Retro Hard & Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker, Red4. Nostalgia PCM8055.3 lbs11 x 11 x 12
EAST Cotton Candy Maker EA-WA28055. EAST EA-WA28054.05 lbs11.02 x 11.02 x 9.65 inches
Nostalgia Retro Hard and Sugar Free Countertop Original Cotton Candy Maker, Includes 2 Reusable Cones And Scoop – Aqua6. Nostalgia PCM805AQ3.55
11.5 x 11.5 x 12.25
Nostalgia Retro Hard and Sugar Free Countertop Original Cotton Candy Maker, Includes 2 Reusable Cones and Scoop – Aqua7. NostalgiaPCM425AQ4.74 lbs11.5 x 11.5 x 10.75
Young girl enjoying cotton candy

7 Best Cotton Candy Machine For Home Use Reviews In 2021

1. Great Northern Popcorn 6315 Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine

6315 Great Northern Popcorn Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine Floss Maker With Cart

Bring the carnival home gear with the Great Northern Popcorn 6315 Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine. This is the largest model we will review here, and it is perfect for party uses in your backyard. The Great Northern Popcorn 6315 is truly ‘’Flufftastic’’ as it can produce the fluffiest cotton candy you have tested in quite a while!


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: Cart
  • Dimensions: 38 x 20.25 x 35.5 inches
  • Weight: 36 pounds


Party Perfect

The Great Northern Popcorn 6315 Flufftastic Candy Machine is perfect for whipping up quick sugary delights for a larger crowd. That’s why it is the best choice for children’s birthday parties, school programs, or even at your local city fair. You can keep this in your home to add a touch of fun and nostalgic diversity to your parties.

Easy To Detach Cart

The cart might seem a bit difficult to store since it will take up a lot of space. The designers realized this problem, so they made the cart design easily detachable. You can take it down and re-assemble it in minutes. The best thing is, the popcorn machine remains fully functional even if you remove the wheels and the cart stand.

Commercial Grade Candy

This machine comes in a solid stainless steel frame featuring two functional platforms. Each of them can carry three cones at a time. An impressive motor paired with a 1000W heat source makes the candy quality airier than ordinary machines. On top of that, it can spin the candies real fast and make them ready in no time!

What We Like
  • Detachable cart system for easy storage and portability.
  • Capable of producing a large batch of candies in minimal time.
  • Comes in a vintage design that will surely provoke a sense of nostalgia among many.
  • It has a large bowl size to process more candies at once.
What We Don’t Like
  • Many consumers will find the price repulsive. The fact that it does not come with flossing sugar makes it even more expensive.

Regardless of its high price, the Great Northern Popcorn 6315 Flufftastic Candy Machine could be a great buy since it will serve you for years. Check the latest price here.

2. Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine with 3 Sugar Pack - Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry

The Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S is a beautiful package of effectiveness, convenience, and affordability. It impressed us so much that we namedropped it as the best cotton candy machine for home use earlier in our review. It is not only capable of spinning out candies frequently, it comes with all the essentials, allowing you to get started as soon as you unbox.


  • Color: Pink
  • Style: Countertop
  • Dimensions: 16.5×7.5×13.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.01 pounds


Complete Cotton Candy Making Kit

This is a 57-piece package, which means you are not only buying a cotton candy machine, you are buying an entire setup to start making candies right away. The package contains orange, blue raspberry, grape, cherry, and pink vanilla-flavored floss sugar. Upon purchasing, you will also get 50 paper candy cones for free.

Video Instruction

The manufacturer has uploaded a video on its website detailing how to use the machine. So, even though it does not come with a printed manual, you will face no problems getting the hang of it. Once you go through the video, you will find out the machine is quite easy to operate. It’s the perfect pick for inexperienced users.

Wide Selection Of Flavors

Cotton Candy Express has an array of delicious flavors for its cotton candy machine. You will get five for free when you buy this model, but you can experiment with more flavors since the company offers no less than 10 variations. Every 11oz floss sugar container will make for 22 servings.

What We Like
  • It is very easy to use. The instructional video made by the manufacturer is quite helpful as well.
  • Features five packs of floss sugar. Each of the packets weighs 11 ounces, which is enough to make 22 candies. Also, the flavors are different.
  • Thanks to its compact size, the machine will not give you any headaches storage-wise.
  • It comes with everything you need to whip up a fresh batch of candy right away.
What We Don’t Like
  • You have to clean after three/four scoops.

Do you agree with us that the Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S is the best cotton candy machine for home use? Have a look at its best prices now.


VIVO Blue Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Floss Maker CANDY-V001B

VIVO CANDY V001B caught our attention with its multi-utility brilliance. It is as efficient in making soft cotton candies as it is in preparing hard candies like peppermint. The machine is highly productive as well! Despite its miniature shape, it can whip out two to three servings of candies per minute. Therefore, it can be rather handy to serve a crowd.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: Countertop
  • Dimensions: 22.44 x 22.44 x 13.39 inches
  • Weight: 23.3 pounds


Efficient Output

VIVO CANDY V001B can handle some serious workload, thanks to its commercial-grade build. You can serve two to three scoops of candy every minute. It will not only buck up the kids in the party but also make adults get in line for some sugary pleasure. If you want a machine for regular party servings, this one fits the bill.

Stainless Steel Bowl

This is a remarkably sturdy unit. As we previously mentioned, the cotton candy machine is incredibly heavy-duty and can produce a lot of airy, delicious cotton candy in an instant. The stainless steel bowl in the machine is long-lasting and helps it to churn out a large quantity of candy regularly.


The VIVO CANDY V001B is one of the finest cotton candy machines you can buy, but its utilities go far beyond making cotton candies. You can also use this appliance for making hard candies and creating mouth-watery flosses. This is a device that encourages you to explore and discover your personalized blend of sweet delights.

What We Like
  • It has a straightforward operating process. Anyone can figure out for themselves how to use it after a couple of attempts.
  • It comes with spare parts. If it starts to malfunction, you can immediately replace the out-of-commission components with new ones.
  • Some candy machines are a nightmare to clean. Thankfully, that is not the case for the VIVO CANDY V001B. It disassembles without a hassle and makes the parts more accessible for cleaning.
  • This is not only a cotton candy maker. You can also make hard candy and hard candy flosses with it.
What We Don’t Like
  • The bubble cover shield that covers the bowl does not come with the package. You have to buy it separately.

Would you like to buy the VIVO CANDY V001B to surprise your kids? Click here to place an order.

4. Nostalgia PCM805

Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED Retro Hard & Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker, Red

The Nostalgia PCM805 makes a phenomenal first impression with its ravishing, retro red body. Once you get to the specs, you will find out it is way more than a pretty box of plastic. It has a special extractor that gives the candies a premium texture. You can see the candy get ready through the visible rim. It is a cute but practical item to buy.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Red
  • Style: Countertop
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds.


Unique Extractor

Let us get back to the Nostalgia PCM805. It refers to the unorthodox head design of the machine. It spins the candy so delicately that it delivers a unique texture. The candy does not only taste delicious, and it melts inside your mouth as soon as you put it in and gives you a special feel.

Clear Rim

What does the rim do? The rim keeps the candy-making process undisturbed as it shields the machine head from external factors. Also, you can check the progress through the rim as it’s completely transparent. This allows you to bring out and taste the confections as soon as they become ready.

Retro Design

It will not be fair if we ignore Nostalgia PCM805’s extra-ordinarily retro aesthetics. The machine has an eighties vibe to it, which will take you back to the days of in-vogue converse high tops and baggy jeans. This looks so splendid that you might feel prompted to buy one even if you are not interested in cotton candy machines.

What We Like
  • We must say that you get two free reusable cones with this candy maker, which is a pretty good deal.
  • It is compatible with all Nostalgia cotton candy kits. As a result, you can rustle up many different kinds of candies with this machine.
  • The Nostalgia PCM805 is incredibly user-friendly.
  • The base of the machine sits nicely on the tabletop.
What We Don’t Like
  • Cleaning it is a bit tedious. It’s not dishwasher safe, so you would have to take your time cleaning it.

Does the Nostalgia PCM805 feel like a good choice for you? Get the best deal for it here.

5. EAST EA-WA2805

EAST Cotton Candy Maker EA-WA2805

Talking about the best cotton candy machine for home use without bringing up the EAST EA-WA2805 would have been impossible. This tiny device packs so many surprises! Besides making cotton candies, you can also use this to fix some snacks, owing to its exceptional heating abilities.


  • Color: White
  • Style: Countertop
  • Dimensions: 11.02 x 11.02 x 9.65 inches
  • Weight: 4.05 pounds.


Compact & Lightweight Design

If insufficient space in your kitchen counter is the only thing keeping you from buying a candy maker machine, the EAST EA-WA2805 is the ideal choice for you. It has a dimension of 11.02 x 11.02 x 9.65 inches, which is one of the smallest you would find. Also, it weighs less than five pounds. You would barely notice it on your tabletop.

Easy To Use

One of the most common complaints you would hear about this unit is its lack of precise instructions. But, once you use it, you will realize it’s pretty easy to operate. Allow it to heat for a couple of minutes, and then pour some flossing sugar. You can also heat up snacks after pre-heating the machine.


This machine is a genuine all-rounder. It does not limit itself to making candies only. The EAST-EA WA2805 has a superior heating ability than most of its competitors, i.e., it can apply heat to a greater extent. For this reason, you can also use the device to make hotdogs, sashimi, burger patties, etc.

What We Like
  • It is incredibly versatile. You can use it for preparing snacks besides candy making.
  • It is easy to store because of its compact size.
  • Its ultra-lightweight build gives it an unmatched level of portability.
  • Not much of a trouble to wash.
What We Don’t Like
  • The instruction manual will not be of much use to you unless you speak Japanese.

Convinced that the EAST EA-WA2805 would be a smart buy? Make it yours clicking here.

6. Nostalgia PCM 805AQ

Nostalgia Retro Hard and Sugar Free Countertop Original Cotton Candy Maker, Includes 2 Reusable Cones And Scoop – Aqua

Nostalgia PCM 805AQ is an alternative for the Nostalgia PCM 805. Most of the features stay the same, while the key changes come in weight and appearance. This one has an aquamarine color in contrast to the Nostalgia PCM 805’s red. This one is lighter, which keeps it ahead in terms of portability. In that case, Nostalgia PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker is the perfect one for you.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Aquamarine
  • Style: Countertop
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 12.25 inches
  • Weight: 3.55 pounds.


Easy To Carry

Weighing only 3.55 pounds, this is the lightest cotton candy maker on our list. If your idea of the best cotton candy machine for home use is a device that can execute the basic functionalities of a cotton candy machine and can be carried around anywhere, we would recommend you go for this.

Suction Cup Feet

Since it’s so small and lightweight, you might assume that the candy maker will fall off the counter if you accidentally push it. But, the Nostalgia PCM 805AQ comes equipped with suction cup feet that hold on to the surface very tightly. Unless you push it off intentionally, the machine will stay in place.

See Through Rim Guard

The Nostalgia PCM 805AQ has a glass rim guard that lets you keep an eye on the complete candy-making procedure. You will get to witness how the candy comes to life. This has more of an artistic appeal than a practical one. Of course, it is convenient to notice whether the candy is ready or not. More importantly, you can appreciate the beauty of the process.

What We Like
  • It is extremely lightweight. Moving it regularly would be a walk in the park.
  • The machine comes apart easily.
  • The suction feet give the machine a strong grip on the counter.
  • Beautiful design.
What We Don’t Like
  • Takes a bit longer than other machines to make candies.

Want to add the Nostalgia PCM 805AQ to your list of kitchen appliances? Click here to bring one home.

7. Nostalgia PCM425AQ

Nostalgia Retro Hard and Sugar Free Countertop Original Cotton Candy Maker, Includes 2 Reusable Cones and Scoop – Aqua

We will finish our list of best cotton candy machines for home use candidates with another Nostalgia PCM425AQ. We love these Nostalgia candy makers for their easy operability, portability, and price. The Nostalgia PCM425AQ grabbed the limelight with a combination of trendy design and excellent functionality.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Aquamarine
  • Style: Countertop
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 4.74 pounds.


Space-Saving Design

The previous Nostalgia model stood out because of its low weight. For the Nostalgia PCM425AQ, the distinguishing factor is its size. While it cannot beat the Nostalgia PCM805AQ in the weight department, it compensates for it with a smaller size. The Nostalgia PCM425AQ measures only 11.5 x 11.5 x 10.75 inches in dimensions.

Goes With All Nostalgia Cotton Candy Kits

Do not let the minuscule size of the Nostalgia PCM425AQ fool you, it can give a cotton candy enthusiast the authentic taste of the sugary delight. This machine is compatible with all versions of Nostalgia cotton candy kits. So, you can mix up your cotton candy experiences every now and then.

Effortless Disassembly

You can strip down the machine to its detachable parts without much effort. This makes it very easy to wash and get to every nook and cranny. Remember, however, to dry them thoroughly before putting them back together. Frequent detaching and reattaching do not make the fittings go loose prematurely.

What We Like
  • Metal-made extractor to process candies efficiently.
  • Even kids will find this machine easy to use.
  • Transparent rim guard for keeping tabs on the current status of candies.
  • Easy maintenance because of its simple detachability.
What We Don’t Like
  • The output is not as great as the other machines we reviewed.

Click here if you have decided to buy the Nostalgia PCM425AQ.

How To Buy The Best Cotton Candy Machine For Home Use?

What parameters did we consider while selecting the items for this article? To give you a better insight into cotton candy machine shopping, we will reveal our topmost considerations in the following sections.

Cart Or Countertop?

From a structural perspective, you can categorize cotton candies into two classes: cart and countertop. Which one will be the best for you? Availability of storage space and intended use will determine the answer to that question. If you only want to use the machine on special occasions, you can buy a countertop one, which you can put away with ease.

Countertop machines can also grace your kitchen counter all year long if you want. They do not take up much space. So, ‘’Where should I keep this?’’ should not be a question that will bug you if you own a countertop cotton candy machine. However, there is a trade-off involved, and it is pretty significant.

Countertop machines have far lower output rates than cart candy machines. A cart-style candy maker machine will make more candies within a short period, but it is not easy to store. You cannot just leave it in your kitchen, and if your garage or basement is also crammed up, you would have a hard time figuring out where to keep the machine

For commercial use, cart candy machines get the edge, but we believe the countertop variant makes more sense for household use.

Of course, the final decision depends on you. If you have ample space to keep a cart inside your house and need to entertain a lot of people regularly, you can buy a cart-based cotton candy machine.

Capable Of Handling A Wide Range Of Flavors

When you buy a cotton candy machine for the first time, you might expect it to make any flavor you want. But, the fact is, you cannot produce all types of cotton candy flavors on all types of cotton candy machines. Therefore, check what flavors are in the offering before you buy a machine.

Even if you are not sure what flavors you want, it is always a wise choice to have more options. You like caramel today, but who is to say you will not like bubble gum tomorrow? Or, when you invite your friends or other guests, their choice of cotton candy flavors might not match yours. So, try to get a machine that can handle a broad selection of flavors.

Is It Efficient?

Efficiency is a factor that will come to play if you want to produce cotton candies on a commercial scale. Perhaps, you are thinking about running a home-based cotton candy shop or setting up a cart as a roadside vendor. In those cases, your machine has to be up to the mark and churn out multiple candies within a minute.

As you can imagine, faster and higher output demands will require an expensive machine. If you are not contemplating monetizing the machine, there is no need to go for high-end devices. Efficiency is a great thing to have, but it will not be irrational to settle for ‘’less-efficient’’ machines for occasional and small household use.

How Easy Is It To Operate?

Cotton candy making is not something you will want to commit your entire day to. Even if you do, you would not want it to take an eternity to figure out how to operate the candy maker. Therefore, try to buy machines that are so easy to run that you will know your way around it sooner than you had expected.

Is It Easy To Clean?

Even the best cotton candy machine for home use requires regular cleaning. For effortless and thorough cleaning, look for candy machines that are easy to disassemble. Clean the parts separately once you disconnect them from the frame. Machines that are difficult to take apart are equally challenging to clean.


Scrutinize the features of a candy machine and see what extra offerings it has to offer. Compare multiple models within a similar price range and get the one that has more functionality. It is always preferable to get a machine that can make cotton candy, hard candy, and sashimi if the price is not too much off-putting.

How To Clean A Cotton Candy Machine?

To maintain the serviceability of a cotton candy machine, there is no alternative to regular cleaning. Residual sugar forms a crust over time if left untreated, and it eventually blocks the machine perforations that channel the air to make cotton candy. As a result, the machine loses its effectiveness.

Here is a simple breakdown of the cleaning process:

  • Disconnect all detachable parts and dip them in warm water. No need to use disinfectants of any kind. Just rinse them well.
  • Slowly turn up the heat. Do not make a sudden spike. Make incremental gains of one or two degrees.
  • Keep on increasing the temperature for a few minutes and stop it. Now pour some hot water into the bowl and wash away all the granular remains. Turn on the heat again and keep it for 30/45 seconds.
  • Dry the machine and the components. Do not reassemble unless you are convinced all parts are completely dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Make Hard Candy And Cotton Candy In All Cotton Candy Makers?

While many cotton candy machines produce hard candy alongside cotton candy, but that is not a universal case. Not all cotton candy-making machines are capable of making hard candies. So, read the packaging label attentively to find out whether or not your cotton candy maker is suitable for fixing hard candy as well.

Q2. What Type Of Sugar Do I Need To Use To Make Cotton Candy?

You would need flossing sugar to make cotton candy. Regular sugar cannot achieve the airy consistency flossing sugar achieves because it is more granular and leads to more waste during the cotton candy-making process.

Q3. What Is The Average Price Of A Cotton Candy Machine?

The personal cotton candy machines for home use can cost your roughly $300 to $800. On the other hand, the professional ones can cost you more than $1000.

Final Say

Thank you for staying with us till the very end. We know it was an excruciatingly long read, but we had to be as detailed as possible to explain the specialties of the products we have featured here.

Apart from our suggestion list, we have created an in-depth buying guideline so that you can understand how we reached to the conclusions. We never want to force our opinions on you, so knowing the benchmarks of cotton candy machine shopping will let you choose the product you think is the right fit, even if it did not make our top seven list.

Still cannot make your mind up? Before we go, let us give you the Cliff’s Note edition of the article.

Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S is the best because it hits the right balance between price, productivity, and convenience. For household use, it should be enough.

The Great Northern Popcorn 6315 Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine has some premium features, but it’s too expensive and a bit oversized to be kept in the kitchen.

EAST EA-WA2805 is a Japan-made cotton candy machine that offers the most versatile package. The added functionalities make it an excellent choice for anybody.

Nostalgia PCM805 is the best option, in our opinion. Nostalgia PCM805AQ and Nostalgia PCM425AQ are also reasonably priced, but we felt the Nostalgia PCM805 offered better performance and a much better value for money.

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