7 Best Cuts of Beef to Smoke । How to Cook Them In 2023

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Most people love smoking beef. If you also love smoking beef, hopefully, this piece of writing may be beneficial for you with a helpful resource. Here, I have been given top beef cuts. You have to understand the manner of beef smoking to make the meal perfectly.

However, I’ll present the best cuts of beef to smoke and how to cook smoked beef properly through the article. So, read the article attentively and follow the instructions to get a significant result.

The best cuts of beef to smoke are brisket, chuck roast, rib, top sirloin, flank steak, rump, and round.

How to do 7 Best Cuts of Beef to Smoke

Video: Beef cuts best for fast grilling and slow smoking

The splendor of beef cut can’t be ignored to make a perfect dish. However, the following steps will also make your meal more delicious. So, let’s dive into the process.

1. Beef Brisket

If you’re searching out the best tier meat cuts, the beef brisket can be your expected one. However, the beef brisket cut is one of the best options. If you do not lose the meaty fibers and the gentle fats, be careful while cuts the beef.

Besides, the beef brisket consists of 2 different muscles. One is the point cut, and another is flat cut. Let’s make it simple; the point cut is the fatty part, and the flat cut refers to the deckle removed. Many of them called it the first cut.

2. Chuck Roast Beef

Chuck roast is quite similar to beef brisket cuts. It is a more cost-effective process for others. However, it additionally chefs a quicker way to the smaller length. Mostly it is used for pot roasts. Generally, the chuck roast is taken from the shoulder and neck region. That also provides a good beef flavor.

3. Beef Ribs

It is a good cut for those who love beef ribs. If you’ve already attempted out and tasted red meat ribs, then you can realize. It also takes much time to attempt out and prepare dinner for those beef ribs.

Besides, the best beef ribs cuts come from the lower part, ventral, section. Especially from the 6th to 10th rib. For health-conscious people, it is also noticeable that short beef ribs are a little bit fatty. Therefore, heat the beef for a longer time to extract those fats.

4. Tri-Tip Beef

Some people confuse tri-tip beef reduction with Sirloin Steak Beef. However, tri-tip is famous for its tender texture traits and a cheaper price tag compared to other cuts.

Moreover, tri-Tip Beef is less expensive cuts than other flavorful steaks like ribs cuts. Also, please do not overcook it as it is tenderer behavior.

5. Top Round Beef

The top round beef is well-known as a lean cut of beef worldwide. This sort of beef cut is widely used as homemade meals such as beef chili. Also, it is a good cut for making beef caritas, even for beef stew.

The top round is extremely skinny, but it is also more sensitive than the bottom round. Before starting the smoking grill, you have to put the beef together for better results.

6. Flank Steak Beef

The flank is chosen from the lower stomach part. Besides, the steak is taken from near the diaphragm area. Flap steak, unlike other cuts like Chuck Roast Beef and Top Round Beef, does not require a long, slow cooking time to get soft and smoky. To clarify, grilling is the best option to cook flank steak beef.

Besides, the muscle fibers need to tenderize heavily with a marinade. If it is not possible, then it can’t be chewable. As a result, flank steak needs to be cut across the grain.

7. Top Sirloin Steak Beef

Top Sirloin Steak Beef is an excellent option for beginners who wants beef cuts for smoking. In other words, the sirloin steak is a cost-effective cut with a good flavor. Sirloin steak cut taken from hip part.

How to Cook Smoke Beef Properly

If you want to prepare the smoky beef for your meal, the following steps can help you.

1. Beef Brisket

Please detain the brisket a few times. If you notice beef jerky, then flawlessly organized to toss at the charcoal grill.

  • Temperature: 205 °F
  • Cooking Time: 05-06 hours Max.
  • Preferred Smoke Wood: Oak, Hickory, Cherry, etc.

2. Chuck Roast Beef

Chuck roast is a good substitute for beef brisket.

  • Cooking Time: 5-6 hours
  • Best Smoke Wood: Hickory, Pecan
  • Temperature: 205°F

3. Beef Ribs

A sprinkle of salt and pepper might be used for flavor. Nonetheless, give up with scrumptious ribs. No other motive why ribs are one of the good cuts of beef.

  • Temperature: 205 °F
  • Cooking Time: five to six hours
  • Wood: Oak, Pecan, Cherry. etc.

4. Tri-Tip Beef

Start by rubbing your spice seasoning onto the beef. After that, allow it to take a seat down for your fuel line grill. Also, keep looking at the temperature to make specific the inner temperature is 135 °F.

  • Temperature: 135 °F
  • Cooking Time: 2 hours.
  • Wood:  Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan.

5. Top Round Beef

Place it at the grill and reveal the temperature. You can also dispose of it as soon as it reaches 150 °F. For better results, keep resting for a few minutes before cutting the meat. However, I recommend reducing the length of the grain and playing it at the same time as it’s hot.

  • Temperature: 150 °F
  • Cooking Time: five to six hours.
  • Recommended Smoke Wood: Oak.

6. Flank Steak Beef

You could get sturdy pellets to get satisfactory results. For example, hickory and mesquite do. The meat itself has a strong taste. As a result, the pellets will not overwhelm it. So, try to make it best for a pellet smoker as well.

  • Temperature: 145 °F
  • Cooking Time: three hours.
  • Wood: Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, etc.

7. Top Sirloin Steak Beef

I would suggest keeping the beef on the fridge to marinate for at least 2 to 24 hours. To clarify, the longer its miles left, the tastier it becomes. I advocate the usage of the fantastic food vacuum sealer.

  • Temperature: 145 °F
  • Cooking Time: 1 hour in step with the pound.
  • Wood: Hickory, Mesquite


It is a fantastic meal menu that you can go for. The popularity of smoking red meat is increasing day by day. I want that this piece of facts has given you enough facts. About the manner to put together dinner and prepare red meat cuts.

Besides, you’ll get to know precise ideas on the best cuts of beef to smoke through this content. And also how to cook them properly.

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