Electric Smoker Vs Wood Smoker: What is the Differences !

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Electric smoker vs wood smoker, which one would you prefer? Both are essential for cooking. So, you cannot avoid anyone for your cooking partner.

However, this might be difficult for you when it comes to choosing one. Because an electric smoker and wood smoker both are good in their perspectives.

Moreover, there is a massive difference between electric and wood smokers. And their users are also different. Do you know the difference?

If you don’t know, no worries. Because I’ll share all the crucial differences between them and break down the conclusion of electric smokers vs. wood smokers. So, let’s get started:

What Is An Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are made to produce heat. It uses electricity for the heating element. However, when you turn on your device, it will take time to reach a specific temperature.

Besides, all-electric smokers have a digital temperature controller now. So, you can easily increase or decrease the electric smoker’s temperature.

Moreover, electric smokers use electricity, but they support the use of wood in many work.  However, you will get a component or tray for placing smoking chunks in your smoker.

It can help you to produce thick, flavorful smoke. You can cook many BBQ items in your electric smoker.

What Is A Wood Smoker

Wood smokers are one of the most common smokers. It is made to cook food from burning wood or charcoal. First, place your wood or charcoal in the smoker’s fuel component. After that, take time to reach a specific temperature. Then add your food to the food bucket.

Moreover, wood smokers’ main heating element is burning wood or charcoal. But it looks like a charcoal grill.

However, many wood smokers are designed with an offset fuel component. It has some unique features that you will not find in a charcoal grill. Offset fuel is also known as a firebox. It allows you to cook food at a lower temperature.

Difference Between Electric Smoker & Wood Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker
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Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker
Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Now, I will try to break down the conflict between electric and wood smokers. Because you’ll find the difference between an electric smoker and a wood smoker that help you to choose one between them. So, let’s get started:

1. Ease of Use

Electric smoker’s using process is more straightforward than wood smokers. You can control the temperature in the electric smokers’ digital controller that isn’t available in the wood smoker.

You also don’t need to load any wood because it works with electricity. If you are a beginner, you must choose electric smokers because its easy process is helpful for you.

2. Flavor

Food flavor is essential, and everyone wants a better taste of their food. So, take a wood smoker if you need any smoker that gives you better flavor.

Because a wood smoker takes a lot of time to cook food, it gives you a fantastic flavor after cooking. An electric smoker can also give you tasty food, but it’s not like a wood smoker.

3. Cooking Time

An electric smoker will be your best option if you are anxious about your cooking time. Because electric smokers do the cooking job faster. Specific temperature settings can help you to cook earlier.

In that case, you can easily control your temperature in an electric smoker. It can heat more quickly than a wood smoker, and its heating source is controllable.

4. What to Cook

You can’t cook every item for both smokers. Because both smokers are effective in different food. Moreover, you can cook bell peppers, burgers, and corn sausage in your electric smoker. Chicken or shrimp can also cook from this smoker.

Besides, you can cook a chicken roast, salmon, bacon, etc., and more delicious food in the wood smoker. You can also cook vegetables, cheese, and asparagus can also be made with a wood smoker.

5. Temperature Control

Temperature can play a crucial role in cooking. And when it comes to controlling the temperature, electric smokers are better than wood smokers.

Because the process of controlling temperature is straightforward. But you need to tune the air vents continuously in the wood smoker. So, wood smoker temperature control is very time-killing.

6. Users

Electric smokers are best for beginners. Because its using process and temperature control process is very easy.

So, a beginner can easily handle an electric smoker. But wood smoker is best for professionals. Because it has some complex features that can handle only professionals, not beginners.

7. Environment Friendly

The wood smoker is more environmentally friendly than an electric smoker. Suppose you use pellets as your fuel, it will be more environmentally friendly in the wood smoker. However, pellets are made with recycled wood. So, you can easily re-use it.

8. Cleaning Process

Cleaning is essential for both smokers. Without cleaning, your smokers can be ruined quickly. Both will need time for cleaning. But wood smokers take a considerable time to clean.

9. Buying Price

Electric smokers are a high price element. But wood smokers price less expensive than electric smokers. However, electric smoker price starts from $200-$250. But you can purchase a wood smoker for $100.

10. Repairing Cost

Sometimes your smokers need to be repaired. An electric smoker gets more costly than a wood smoker when you repair it. Because of electric smokers, many parts need to be fixed. And wood smokers come with a simple design. It will not be costly to repair.

Ending Thoughts- Electric Smoker Vs Wood Smoker

I hope you read the whole article and clear your confusion. In this article, I try to share my opinion and end the conflict between electric smokers and wood smokers. Most people get confused between them. And people cannot make the decision ideally for this confusion.

Here I’ve told every comparison between them. You can easily compare every feature between an electric and a wood smoker. After comparing, you can make your decision.

But both are effective in their aspects. You cannot avoid any of them. So, read the article attentively and choose your decision wisely.

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