Escutcheon on a Faucet: What is it and what does it do?

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Do you know about escutcheon on a Faucet? It is known as a cover plate of a faucet. However, it can make your faucet more attractive.

Besides, this escutcheon can help neatly clean the finishing of your faucet. So, you can use it on your faucet.

Moreover, before using this, you have to know everything about escutcheon. Because people do not have enough idea about this metal. It has a different type and design. However, in this article, I will explore everything about escutcheon. So, let’s get started on our journey:

What Is an Escutcheon on a Faucet?

An escutcheon is simply a metal plate. However, this is known as a cover plate of the faucet. Besides, it covers the faucet hole on the base of your faucet. The main target of these plates is to give neat and clean finishing on installation.

There are many types of an escutcheon. However, each has a different size, shape, and design. You have to measure it with your faucet. Don’t take any escutcheon without measuring. Because all the plates are fitted with your faucet.

Types of Escutcheons on a Faucet

There are many types of escutcheons that you will find in the market. However, it has mainly three types. That are escutcheon rings, remodeler plates, and deck plates.

Besides, you need to know the types perfectly to know escutcheon. Every type has its own goals. They finish their goal in their way. So, let’s get started:

1. Escutcheon Rings

You will find escutcheon rings on the base of your faucet. However, it gives you a clean finishing in the full fixture of your faucet. Because finishing touches can make a difference in your faucet.

Besides, some models don’t have these rings. But it can say that the escutcheon rings are the important element of your faucet installation.

2. Remodelers’ Plate

Remodeler plate is another important element for completing your faucet installation. However, people also know it as a retrofit plate or Smitty plate.

Besides, this type is different from others. It can hide the large hole easily. There you will find a faucet valve. Sometimes it is very important. Because there can be a leaking hole, this is an alternative to replacing a new one.

3. Deck Plates

Deck plates, another name is a cover plate or escutcheon plate. However, you can locate this on the base of your faucet. It covered all the unused holes. Besides, Deck plates can complete installation with nice finishing. These plates come in various configurations.

Moreover, Deck plates are made from round or square shapes. It comes with suited finishing. Many manufacturers make deck plates for specific faucets.

How to Choose the Right Escutcheon for Your Faucet

You have to choose the right Escutcheon for your faucet. Because all the Escutcheon is not effective for your faucet. Now, I will discuss the process of choosing the right Escutcheon.

You will get one Escutcheon when you purchase a new faucet. But this plate is not fit for all the faucets. So, you can replace it with a new one. However, Escutcheon is inexpensive and available for all types of faucets.

Before buying an escutcheon, make sure you purchase the right size and shape. Because it will need to match with your faucet. Otherwise, it can affect your installation process.

Moreover, Escutcheon comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs. It would be best if you chose the same finish as your faucet. Because finishing is very important in this case. Without this, you cannot use it perfectly.

Moreover, if you have a center set faucet and want to buy a single hole deck mount faucet. Then you will need a long deck plate to cover unused holes. From time to time, your Escutcheon gets old and dusty. You have to clean it with vinegar.

So, match your Escutcheon with your faucet. And take care regularly of your Escutcheon to use it for a long time.


Yes, it is possible to remove escutcheon from your faucet. Because sometimes you have to remove it and replace it. In that work, you will need to remove the escutcheon from your faucet. The process of removal is very easy.

  • How to clean an escutcheon on a faucet?

After a lot of use, your escutcheon may get old and dirty. Besides, In that case, you need to clean it. For cleaning, you can use vinegar or solvent. However, it is good for cleaning the stainless steel fixture. And some people use lemons. So, it is also good. It can give you a nice fragrance.

  • Is it necessary to use escutcheon in your faucet?

It is mandatory to use escutcheon in your faucet. Otherwise, you will face problems in your faucet installation. The most important thing is it can help you to hide unusual holes in your faucet. That must be why manufacturers add it with your new faucet.

  • Can escutcheon effect in faucet installation?

Yes, it can affect your faucet installation if you do not choose the right escutcheon. Because you must choose the right size, shape, and design escutcheon for your faucet. Otherwise, it will not match and hamper your installation.

  • Can I replace the Escutcheon with a specific size?

Yes, you can replace your existing escutcheon with a specific size. And you must replace this with a standard size. Otherwise, your faucet will not work properly. And you cannot hide your faucet hole correctly without a specific size escutcheon.

Ending Thought

I hope now you know the importance of the escutcheon on a faucet. Nevertheless, it is an integral part of your faucet. Besides, this can help your faucet installation. And it hides the unusual hole on your faucet.

But the problem is most people avoid this and don’t know its importance. That’s why I decided to write this article. Because it can make your faucet more attractive, this article is the full guideline of this essential metal.

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