How To Fix A Broken Spray Nozzle On A Faucet? (DIY)

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You will face many problems with your faucet in your home and office. Sometimes your spray nozzle can break. However, it would be best if you fixed a broken nozzle. Otherwise, it will affect your complete faucet.

Do you know how to fix a broken spray nozzle on a faucet? If you don’t know, you can get help from a plumber. You can also do it without any plumber. Therefore, you need to follow some steps and the process is straightforward to fix.

Moreover, if you see the nozzle broken, just identify the problem and repair or replace the new one. So, let’s learn step by step.

Reason for Broken Spray Nozzle on a Faucet

Before knowing the process of fixing the broken spray nozzle, you need to know the reason for the break. Then, you can easily detect which steps will be perfect for you. There are many reasons for this spray nozzle. So, let’s know all the reasons for the next awareness:

1. Blocking

If your nozzle is blocked and you turn on your water the high pressure. What do you think will happen next? There are high chances of breaking your nozzle. The main reason for this break is pressure. When it is pressed with water, the nozzle cannot afford it. So, breaking is inevitable in this situation.

2. Physical Damage

Physical damage is one of the common issues for breaking your spray nozzle. However, there are many reasons for physical damage. It is also damaged by heavy sunlight, and it is one of the challenging things to place your nozzle in sunlight. And this can be applied in the coldest place.

3. Poor Handling

Your spray nozzle can fail off from time to time while you handle it. It will happen because of your poor handling. Another reason for this problem is low storage. That’s why it creates a problem while you are handling your nozzle.

4. Types of Nozzles

There are different types of nozzles that you will find. And it plays a vital role in your breaking. Because some nozzles are quality and have an extended period of life.

Some designs and materials are very poor and can quickly fail. However, many nozzles have a single fluid. It cannot take the pressure. So, a broken reason can depend on the type of nozzle.

5. Leaks

Leaking is another common issue. Because most of the time, you will find your nozzle leaking on your faucet. However, this could be dangerous for you. It can break your nozzle. The main reason for this leaking is that the sprayer has a breakage. And it can cause clogging.

How To Fix A Broken Spray Nozzle On A Faucet

The problem is many. But it would be best if you fixed them. However, you need to find out the problem and fix a broken nozzle. At this point, I will discuss how to fix a broken spray nozzle on a faucet.

For fixing, you need to follow the method of fixing the broken spray nozzle. There are two different methods for this issue. You can follow anyone whom you feel comfortable with. I will discuss both ways. Let’s know both methods:

Method 1: Replacement of the Nozzle

If your nozzle breaks down, replacing your nozzle is the ultimate solution. But make sure that you purchase the same size nozzle spray while buying your nozzle. Because small-size nozzles will give you a difficult challenge. Now let’s know the step-by-step process of replacing the nozzle.

Step 1

First, you need to turn off your water line. So that the water cannot come when you work in the line. If the sprayer connects with the water, you cannot complete your work.

Step 2

You need to remove the current part of your nozzle. So, it is necessary to remove the nozzle faucet. When your nozzle breaks, there are many things left. So, removing the faucet is a good thing.

Step 3

Because of the brokenness, some parts of your nozzle become dirty and rusty. So, clean that part of the nozzle and remove the dirt. You can use acidic elements for metal cleaners.

Step 4

Your nozzle interior part becomes clogged. Because it has impurities. However, you can remove these impurities from the sprayer.

Step 5

Now you can prepare your new nozzle if you complete the cleaning process. Before using the new nozzle, unpack and test it in the spray. If you feel it is okay, then you can use it to fix it.

Step 6

Fixing a broken nozzle is a straightforward process. However, it would be best to use pliers or a spanner for fast repair. And make sure that you can fix this without breaking. Now, tight it and take your time. And check everything.

Method 2: Fix the sprayer use existing nozzle on a faucet

You can fix your broken sprayer using your existing nozzle. And it can reduce costs. Let’s know the step-by-step process of this method:


Remove the nozzle sprayer to taste the damage level. If your nozzles are completely damaged, you don’t need to test.


Now stop the water line. Then remove the nozzle from your faucet.


Now you have to fix the broken part of the sprayer. You need adhesive and tape for this process. Put adhesive and tight it on the broken part.  After that, use tape to hold more.


After that. fix back your nozzle into the spray. But make sure that your nozzle closes without any single leakage. Now add another layer with a tap for more tightness.


Now, check finally. If everything is okay, you can stop your work and use your nozzle spray.

Ending Thought

I hope you can clear your confusion with this article. Because most people are conscious about how to fix a broken spray nozzle on a faucet.

If you are confident, you can quickly fix your broken nozzle spray. But don’t take risks if you are not sure. Then you can take help from experts.

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