How to Increase Faucet Flow Rate?

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Are you worried about the flow of water in your faucet? However, most people face this problem. And I know this isn’t very pleasant.

But there is an average flow rate of faucets that you need in your faucet. Otherwise, using the faucet in your cooking or other work will be very difficult.

Moreover, if your faucet flow rater is down, you need to increase them. Do you know how to increase the faucet flow rate?

You can increase the flow rate by maintaining some easy steps. In this article, I will tell you the steps. So, let’s get started:

Average Flow Rate of Faucets

Do you have any idea about the average flow rate of faucets? However, the unit for determining call flow rate is GPM. GPM stands for Gallon per Minute.

Besides, the average flow rate of faucets is 1.0-1.5 GPM. It is not my opinion. Most expert says that users open faucet with this flow rate.

But the federal standards say that all faucets have a maximum flow rate of 2.2 GPM at 60 PSI. The flow rate can reduce by 0.8 GPM without water pressure. Therefore, you can save your water bill significantly. But on average, 1.0-1.5 GPM is standard.

How to Increase Faucet Flow Rate

You have to focus on increasing the faucet flow rate. To improve this, you must know how to increase the faucet flow rate.

However, you can increase the faucet’s flow rate and replace the aerator with a high GPM model. But there are many fake aerators on the market. Try to find a real one.

Now, let’s know the process of increasing:

  1. If the problem with the aerator, just remove your old aerator. A replace high flow rate faucet aerator. But don’t forget to find the legal flow rate of your area
  2. After many use of your faucet, mineral deposit and sediment can clog up in your faucet head. You have to clean it with vinegar. However, you can use a toothpick to scrape out the particle. But if deposits are too tricky to remove, replace your faucet completely. This mineral deposit can directly affect your faucet flow rate.
  3. Check your main water supply valves. Because sometimes flow rate is down for shut-off water shut-off valve.
  4. Must check your faucet supply tube. Your flow will be perfect if your faucet supply tube is properly set up. But sometimes faucet supply tube will shut off. So, turn on this to get a better experience.

Ending Thought

When cooking or doing other activities in your kitchen, you need a high faucet water flow. Otherwise, it will hamper your work.

But before doing this, you have to know the average faucet flow rate of faucets. And also need to know the legal flow rate of faucets in your area.

To increase this rate, you need to know how to increase the faucet flow rate. Most people want to learn the process of improving. That’s I am writing this article. And give you the step-by-step process of increasing the flow rate.

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