How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench?

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A kitchen faucet is an essential element in every kitchen. However, this is something which is regularly used in every kitchen. A faucet can help you with cooking time and also help to clean your kitchen. But sometimes, it starts leaking and corrodes.

Moreover, you can take help from a plumber to repair your faucet. But a plumber carries a lot of money. That is why you can avoid a plumber and do it yourself.

Faucet repairing is very easy if you have a basin wrench. But all people don’t have this tool. So, you must know how to remove the kitchen faucet without a basin wrench.

In this article, I will discuss this topic with you. You can easily avoid basin wrench for repairing faucets. So, let’s get started on our journey:

What is a Basin Wrench

A-Basin wrench is known as a plumbing tool. However, it helps with all the plumbing work. It is an essential tool for all plumbers. The basin wrench is mainly designed for removing and placing the faucets.

Besides, it is one end that has a pair of asymmetrical jaws. And its other end has a long shaft with a traversal hand. It can make your faucet repair work more accessible.

What do you need

Before starting the work, you need to gather some tools. Basin Wrench is an essential tool for this work. In fact, with a basin wrench, you can quickly complete your job.

But here, I will discuss removing faucets without a basin wrench. You cannot use the basin wrench in this process. So, let’s know the tools which you must need:

1. Adjustable Wrench

2. Screw Driver

3. Towel or a cloth

4. Socket Wrench

5. Putty knife

6. Grease or Penetrating Oil

7. Gauging Tape

How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench

The process of removing the faucet without a basin wrench is straightforward. You can easily do it yourself without getting help from a plumber. But why avoid basin wrench for repairing faucets? Not all people have Basin wrench tools.

Without a basin wrench, you may face some problems. But you can do your work. You must know how to remove the kitchen faucet without a basin wrench. So, let’s understand the step-by-step process:

Step-1: Turn Off the Water Supply &Valves

First, turn off the water valves for hot and cold water. Otherwise, it can accidentally flood your kitchen. However, you can easily find these valves below the kitchen sink.

Take a bucket and keep it under the sink. It can help you if there is any residual water in the pipe. Sometimes your water valve may be jammed. It is a common problem. If you face this, use oil or grease to turn it off smoothly.

Step-2: Release Air Pressure

After turning off the water valve, some air pressure is left in the pipe. This air pressure can create a problem working with your faucet. So, you need to solve this problem.

Open the spigot. And leave some minutes for air pressure to release quickly after the faucet gets enough light for removal. 

Step-3: Disconnect the Water Line

Did you forget to disconnect the water line? I know most people forget this. But don’t make this mistake. Must disconnect the water line. Either one faucet or two, there are two water lines in your faucet.

Moreover, take an adjustable wrench. It can help you disconnect the water line properly. Must be careful in this process. If you make any mistake, your faucet can break. And also, make sure that you block the sink with a cloth while disconnecting.

Step-4: Removing Nuts from the Faucets

Now remove the nuts from your faucet. Before releasing, check if your faucet is new or old. In the nuts, minerals and corrosion can increase jamming. If it is old, add some oil or grease to the nut and wait for 20 minutes.

To remove nuts from faucets, you have to use a socket wrench. Some faucets have screws. In that case, you can use screwdrivers.

Step-5: Removing the Hose

Now everything is ready. You need to remove the hose from the faucet at that moment. Carefully place your nuts and screws in the safe place. Because it will be reused while reinstalling the faucet.

If you add a new faucet, these screws and nuts can help you. So, carefully remove the hose. And your faucet came out.

So, this is the step-by-step process of removing the faucet without a basin wrench.


1. How Long Does Removing A Faucet With Basin Wrench Take?

It depends on the working quality. If you know the work properly, then you can do your work in just 20-30 minutes. With a basin wrench, 20 minutes is enough. And without a basin wrench, 1 hour is the estimated time.

2. Is It Safe To Remove Faucets Without A Basin Wrench?

A-Basin wrench can make your work easy. And you can do your job safely. You need to maintain safety when you don’t have a basin wrench. Because sometimes, accidents happen when you go to remove your faucet.

3. How Much Money Does A Plumber Take To Remove A Faucet?

It depends on a plumber’s demand. But the maximum plumber takes at least $100 for this work. And some plumbers will take $300-$500 to remove a faucet. And it also depends on your bargaining with plumbers.

Ending Thoughts

The process of removing the faucet without a basin wrench is straightforward. However, I already told you how to remove the kitchen faucet without a basin wrench in this article. You can follow the steps to avoid the basin wrench.

Moreover, if you have a budget problem and cannot afford a plumber, this article will help you. Because here I shared my experience with you. Because I also do it myself. So, be confident in yourself. And jump to the work but be careful. It is possible to remove the faucet and repair it on its own.

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