How to Test and Filter Estrogen from Drinking Water? A Simple Guide

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How to Test and Filter Estrogen from Drinking Water?

Water is very important for our health. However, the Water can often contain dirt and germs. Several years ago, scientists found some chemicals in the Water that were not supposed to be.

Besides, scientists have observed the harmful effects of fish on tap water and in rivers. They got proved from here.

Moreover, most of the time, it has been found where water sources are contaminated with estrogen. In many cases, it destroys the sexuality of the fish and reduces fertility of the fish. You need to know the test and filter estrogen from drinking water.

But people don’t know how to test and filter estrogen from drinking water. If this estrogen is mixed up in your regular drinking water, it will be dangerous for you.

So, you must be aware of it. In this article, I will discuss it. And you will find how to test it and remove it from drinking Water.

Presence of Estrogen in the Drinking Water

Scientists found a way to eliminate estrogen in water in 2012. But they said it was too expensive. Scientists need 30 billion euros to remove it.

At the same time, many scientists found a way to eliminate estradiol from drinking water. I think many people don’t know what estradiol is.

However, estradiol is one kind of estrogen. According to a study by a scientist, more than 2.5 billion women worldwide have taken birth control pills. Scientists have also found that more than 80% of these hormones have been tested on 50 sites.

Estrogen can be dangerous for us. When it is mixed up in the drinking water, it is fully dangerous for our health. Because this is a toxoid for our entire health.

And it is also dangerous in river water. Because in the river there is a lot of fish. After mixing in river water, it directly attacks the fish brain and fish sexuality.

Moreover, in many countries, scientists test water accordingly. And they still try to remove this forever. But it is very difficult to remove this permanently. But you can filter this in from your drinking water. You have to maintain some rules to avoid these.

Test Water to Find Estrogen

It is a big concern for you if your water has estrogen. However, you will not confirm if you have not tested your water. Most people avoid testing this. But it will be dangerous for you. Besides, you have to go to a laboratory test to find out estrogen.

Moreover, there are some estradiol tests for finding estrogen from drinking water. You also need to test some levels to find this. After a few years, you can also do this test in your home alone. Now, it will take time. But test your water.

Remove Estrogen from Drinking Water

Now, you know what estrogen is. You don’t want to use estrogen mixed Water, right?

However, it would be better if you filtered it. You must know how to test and filter estrogen from drinking water. Here I will discuss removing the process of estrogen from drinking water. So, let’s know about this:

1. Purchase Bottled Water

The most effective way is to purchase and drink bottled water. However, you can avoid estrogen with a drink from here. But it can happen badly for the environment. Still, it can contain estrogen.

However, it is the safest way. But it will cost you lots of money. Because you need to buy it when you want to drink water. But still, this is a very effective alternative to remove estrogen.

2. Reverse Osmosis system

The reverse osmosis system is a very amazing way to remove estrogen from water. It will be your big solution to remove estrogen from water. It can also remove other dirt elements from your drinking water.

Moreover, it can work to push water through a unique membrane. However, this can cause particles and contaminate the water. Through this, you can remove lots of harmful substances from the drinking water.

3. Activated Carbon Filter

The active carbon filter is another important way to remove estrogen from water. However, here you will get a refrigerator water filter under sink water filters. And also many more activated carbon. Many countertop filters use this.

Moreover, carbon can bind estrogen together and trap them more easily. Through this trap, you can easily remove it from drinking water. It is very popular because it can remove other contaminants as well. 

4. Bio Filter

Technology is updated. Now you can do lots of things using technology. This brand new technology is allowed to create biological filters. In bio filter, there is an enzyme. This enzyme can break down estrogen very easily.

Furthermore, this enzyme is a laccase. It could find this in a fungus. Besides, these types of filters are not completely made. After making it will be the most powerful way for removing estrogen from water.

5. Chlorine

This method is not used widely. Because many people don’t want chlorine in the water. But it is proven that it can reduce estrogen levels from your water. But it depends on you. Many people don’t like the taste of chlorine.

If you don’t have any problem tasting chlorine, then you can take this. Because it would be the best solution for you. Chlorine can reduce probably 98% estrogen from drinking water.

6. Combination Technique

There is no 100% effective method to remove estrogen from water. Every method has some problems. But combination techniques will be effective for you. However, it can combine many elements that will be helpful.

Moreover, charcoal filters and chlorines combinations are one of the best ways. It can remove 99% estrogen from drinking water. But coagulation refers to using aluminum or iron salt to remove it. This combination works wonderfully.

7. Polymer Membrane

Polymer membrane is another effective way to remove estrogen from water. This is a very new technology to remove this. It is created with a semi-permeable membrane. This is also made with an activated carbon absorber.

Moreover, it will work differently from others. At first, water gets a presided semi-permeable polymer membrane. Sometimes lime filters will help you a lot. It can remove estrogen easily.

8. Consider your lifestyle

This is a very important way to remove estrogen from drinking water. Most people’s lifestyle is not correct. You must be aware of your lifestyle. And also you have to consider many things from your lifestyle.

Moreover, in water, there can be estrogen without your intention. But many people don’t take any steps to remove it. So, if you want to take care of your health, you must be aware of your lifestyle.

Here are two filtration units that we suggest for removing hormones, particularly estrogen:

Best for removing hormones and fluorides: Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System with 2 Black Berkey Elements and 2 Fluoride Filters

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Best Budget filter for removing estrogen: Travel Berkey Gravity Water Filter system with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

When you’re on the go, it can be hard to find a good drinkable water source. Luckily with The Travel Berkey Purification System, your worries are reduced because this gravity-fed filter produces up whole 1.5 gallons of purified drinking per day! It fits easily into backpacks or suitcases for those days when traveling isn’t an option but doing so will make sure everyone knows that they have clean healthy H2O at their disposal no matter what happens along the way.

All you have to do is fill the Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with whatever water source you find clean and fresh, and within six to eight hours, you’ll have enough purified water for the whole group. When it’s not in use, this portable purifier can be collapsed to a mere 1-1/2 inches tall and stored in its handy carrying case. That means you get clean, healthy drinking water almost anywhere!

Ending Thought

There are a lot of discussions about this matter. People are very worried about estrogen. They think about how to test and filter estrogen from drinking water. But here are some mistakes. People make some mistakes and need to be aware of this.

Moreover, in this article, I discuss everything about this matter. You will know how to remove this from your drinking water. And also know why it is present in your Water.

After reading this, you will know and be aware of your drinking water. Because it is a matter of your life and health.

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