Kitchen Faucet Hole Size: What’s the Standard Size?

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Before installing your kitchen, you need to know some essential information about sink faucets. Most importantly, you must know the kitchen faucet’s standard holes size. And also need to see the spacing of your faucet.

Do you know about kitchen faucet hole size?

If you know about this, then it’s good for you. But if you don’t know about this, then don’t worry.

Because I will tell you the standard size of your kitchen faucet hole in this article, and here I will tell you a comparison of some faucet hole sizes. So, let’s get started on our journey:

Are All Kitchen Faucet Holes The Same Standard Size?

There are many different types of kitchen faucets that you will find in the market. Every kitchen faucet has specific features. That’s why there is no standard size ofyour kitchen faucet hole.

The faucet holes size will depend on the kitchen faucet that you are prepared for installation. So, before purchasing the faucet, one must measure the faucet holes size.

Comparison of Few Brand Faucet Hole Size

As I already said, there are no standard kitchen faucet holes sizes. But the size differs from the one 3/8″ depending on the model. Before purchase, measure the full size.

Here I will give you a table list. You will know the table’s holes size and max deck thickness in that list. Let’s learn about this.

Brand NamePart NumberHole SizeMax Deck Thickness
Delta759-CZ-DST1 1/4″ to 1 1/23″
Moen7594ESRS1 1/4″2 1/2″
American Standard4175.300.0021 3/8″2″
Moen7185C1 1/2″2 1/2″
Delta9178-RB-DST1 3/8″2 1/2″
KrausKEF-15000ORB1 3/8″1 3/8″
Delta567LF-PP1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″2 1/4″
KrausKPF-1602SS1 3/8″1 3/8″
KohlerK-560-VS1 5/16″2 1/2″
BellevuePB-K07CP1 3/8″ to 1 1/2″1 5/8″

How to Measure the Faucet hole Size

To measure the full size of the faucet, you need to use a slide caliper to measure the inside diameter. These tools are ranges are +/- 0.001″ to +/- 0.0015″ (+/- 0.02 mm to +/- 0.04 mm). Now let’s know how to measure this:

1. Hold the caliper opposite the inside of the faucet hole and place it on the inner jaw.

2. Slide your scale outward. Continue this process before reaching the max distance

3. Now slide your caliper out from the jaw. The reading will indicate the size of your faucet hole.

Ending Thought

Before installing your kitchen faucet, don’t forget to measure your faucet hole. Because it plays a vital role in your faucet installation.

Most people try to find a standard size of your kitchen faucet hole. But there is no standard size. Because each brand has a different size.

That’s why I discuss kitchen faucet hole size in all brands here. So, see this at a glance and measure your faucet hole before installing the faucet.

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