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Sometimes your kitchen faucet comes loose. It can be a big problem for you. Because it hampers your work during cooking time. You have to fix it as soon as possible.

But why does your kitchen faucet keep coming loose? Do you know about this? Before fixing your problem, try to find the reason for your problem.

If you know why the problem occurs, you can avoid it later. Most people ask me this question. So, I will reveal why it comes loose in this article. Let’s get started.

Why Your Kitchen Faucet Keeps Coming Loose

When installing your kitchen faucet, you have to tighten the faucet. But it can keep coming loose while you tighten it again and again.

However, this is a common thing in the old kitchen faucet. But it can happen in your new kitchen faucet. So, now I will discuss with you why your kitchen faucet keeps coming loose?

As time goes on, your faucet becomes loose. Rust is the main culprit of this problem. It is not the case with the new faucet. But be careful. Sometimes it might happen in your new faucet.

The other reason for this problem is gaskets and washers. When these are dried together, problems are created. However, it isn’t easy to tighten correctly.

Many factors can affect losing the faucet. Improper installation is a big problem. Sometimes new faucets face this problem. It can happen when you do not install it properly. And sometimes, it happens when your nuts cannot join with faucets correctly.

So, you have to repair your faucet from time to time. And must be careful in the installation moment.

Repair Your Loose Kitchen Faucet at Home

After loosening the faucet, you need to repair the kitchen faucet. However, you need to maintain some steps to tighten it. Let’s discuss the steps:

1. Remove everything under your kitchen sink. It can increase your working space.

2. Turn off the water supply. If your water supply is turned on, the water will fall while working. So, stop the water flow.

3. Get under the sink and Find the bolt which you will tighten.

4. Take the right size of an Allen wrench to tighten it.

5. Rotate the wrench into the nut until it tightens appropriately.

6. After feeling the tightening, turn on the water supply. Then test if your faucet is tight or not.

Ending Thought

At the end of the article, I want to give you some advice. Don’t go for the solution to your problem. Try to find the problem.

Because if you find out why the problem is created, you can be aware next time. But unfortunately, people are run for the solution, not for the occurrence of the issues.

In this article, I tell you why your kitchen faucet keeps coming loose. Because you need to know why it loosens, you can be aware next time. Take care of your kitchen faucet to get the best service.

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