RV Faucets vs. Home Faucets | What is the Difference?

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Do you know the difference between RV faucets and home faucets? What do you think is there any difference between them? Most people don’t know about this.

Some people think both are the same. Yes, typically, their features are the same similarly. But in some aspects, they differ from each other.

RV enthusiasts are very interested to know the difference. In this article, I will explain the comparison between them.

Read this article attentively to learn more about RV faucets vs home faucets. It can help you when you go to purchase faucets or replace faucets. So, let’s get started on our journey:

Comparison between RV Faucets and Home Faucets

RV faucets and home faucets both share almost the same function. Both have one remarkable simple difference that is connected to a plumbing system. When you are trying to know about RV faucets vs. home faucets, you need to see the comparison between them.

Otherwise, you cannot differentiate them. Now it’s time to discuss the difference between RV and home faucets. So, let’s start the discussion:

1. Appearance

The home faucet and RV faucet both appearances are good. However, both would look identical to their appearance in the kitchen or bathroom. And their sinkhole cutout is different. When it comes to appearance, both look elegant but not the same.

2. Quality

When it comes to quality, then both ensure the best quality faucets. However, people don’t compromise with quality. But home faucets are more quality than RV faucets. Because RV faucets are made with plastic to minimize weight, they also can break easily.

On the other hand, most home faucets are made of metal. That’s why home faucets are more durable and cannot break easily.

3. Fittings

RV faucet manufacturers use fittings on their faucet hoses. Its fitting thread style is different than a traditional faucet. Sometimes you will face issues with your RV faucet fittings. However, you can take an adapter to solve this problem.

Moreover, these adapters are very easy to use and inexpensive. But home faucets are different in this case. It has fittings but is not quality like an RV faucet.

4. Holes

RV faucets and home faucets, both sink holes cutout and are different. Both come in different sizes and measurements. However, RV faucets holes are smaller than home faucets. It is true of the old model. If you face this problem, then cutting the hole is the solution.

5. Weight

If you want to measure the weight of faucets, then the RV faucet is lightweight. Because it is made with plastic, this can make it light. But home faucets are made with metal. That’s why its weight is harder than RV facets.

6. Connectors

RV faucets use flexible pipes to connect to the RV plumbing system. And in this case, home faucets are different. Because home faucets do not use flexible pipes for connecting and it can make your work harder. With RV faucets, you can easily connect conduit pipes.

7. Plumbing System

RV faucet plumbing system and home faucet plumbing system both are almost the same. But RV faucet is better than home faucets.

Because you can wash dishes, clean home, and shower with an RV plumbing system. Which you cannot easily do with a home faucet plumbing system. A plumbing system can make your work easier. So, RV faucets are best.

Things to Consider When Replacing RV Faucets

The process of replacing RV faucets is straightforward and inexpensive. However, it can increase the look of your sink interior. But RV faucet installation can give you some issues.

That’s you have to consider some things before replacing RV faucets. Otherwise, you can face this issue. So, let’s know about this:

1. Measurement

First, take the measurement. After measurement, you can make sure that your faucet fits perfectly. To take measures of the RV sink, you must take essential components from your local hardware store.

2. Metal Faucet

A metallic RV kitchen faucet can give you an extra advantage. However, the metallic faucet is more durable and weighs down your RV faucet. Besides, you can find this in chrome, nickel, and antique bronze.

3. Non-metal Faucet

The metallic or non-metallic faucet which is better? However, it is one of the critical deciding factors. Most people want to use better fuel with low RV maintenance costs. If you are one of them, you can use light weight in your RV. In that case, non-metal faucets are best.

4. Design

RV faucet has a different type of design. You can choose your best one. But try to take which design will go with the design of your home. Because it will suit your home.

5. RV Water Supply Line

Before replacing RV faucets, check your water supply line. And don’t forget to shut off your faucets. However, you can discover ⅜ inch flex in your water supply line for RV faucets.

But some RV sinks have a ½-inch flex line. You need to choose the actual size. So, measure your flex line before replacing it.

6. Extra Features

You can get some extra features from RV faucets. However, RV faucets give you a built-in water filtration system. And also provide the temperature controller option.

But you cannot get these extra features in all RV faucets. You have to choose those models or can add this to your existing faucet. But don’t forget to consult with your budget.

Ending Thought

I hope you got the in-delay comparison between RV Faucets and home faucets. Both have not any difference. Because RV faucets and home faucets are almost the same in their features.

But RV faucets are lightweight, and home faucets are heave. And the main difference is the plumbing system connector.

Moreover, most people are confused with RV faucets vs home faucets. However, I saw many confusing discussions on the matter between people in many forums. So, I decided to write this article to give you the essential guide for RV faucets and home faucets. It can help you as a buying guide.

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