How to guide on Vacuum Sealed Jars for 2023

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Are you having a problem storing food for a long time? The vacuum sealed jars can solve your problem. As we all are so busy in our daily life, we usually buy our food in bulk. Also, consume those as per our needs day after day.

A vacuum-sealed jar is the best option to keep those foods fresh and intact for a long time. Besides, a vacuum sealer is a must to seal a canning jar. In this article, I will discuss the step-by-step guide to using a vacuum sealer for canning jars. You can visit Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer For Home Use also.

What can you store in vacuum-sealed jars?

Generally, people use a vacuum sealed jar to keep food affected by mold or bacteria. You can deprive oxygen of your food by vacuum sealing. As a result, mold and bacteria can’t grow without oxygen. So, you can store foods in a vacuum-sealed jar for a long time.

Almost all kinds of food you can store in a vacuum jar. Also-

Baby food & formula

Use the sealed jar to keep homemade food for your baby. You can also make a large batch of formula for your baby and keep those in an unopened jar for a long time.

Pre-made breakfast

You can make a large number of breakfasts like omelets, sandwiches, cakes, etc. Store them in different small jars. And have an everyday breakfast ready within a minute.


You can keep a block of cheese fresh three times more than in a baggie.

Deli meat

You can preserve your lunch meats for the whole week as fresh the day you preserve.


Slice the fruits and preserve them in vacuum-sealed jars for a long time.

Halloween Candy

During Halloween, there are some chocolate crises. So, preserve some chocolate in a vacuum jar for the day.

Diet meal items

Those who maintain a diet can prepare their diet meal on the weekend. If you want to preserve it all over the week, then seal it in a vacuum jar.

Marinated meats

A vacuum process allows the marinated meats to penetrate better and faster than the normal process.

Vinegar & Oil

If you want to keep different vinegar and oils in your kitchen, you can vacuum seal the one you already open to keep it fresher.


If you buy some seeds and keep them for next year, dry them well and store them in a sealed jar.

Seasonal fruits & vegetables

It is a great idea to buy some fruits or vegetables in the peak season, and have them out of the season when it is so expensive.


You can buy spice in bulk at a discount when available from the market. And also, keep them in a vacuum jar to use as fresh after a long time.


It’s essential to keep some necessary medicine at home. Or some medicine that is not available in the local market, which is essential for patients. Keep those medicines in a vacuumed jar to keep the quality. Write down the expiration date on the jar, as after expiration, you can’t intake that.

You can also store wheat, flour, oats, chips, beans, spices, rice, cereals, powdered milk, and dehydrated food. Besides, many more items in a vacuum-sealed jar for a long time.

On the other hand, you should be careful while selecting some foods to store in vacuum jars. Those foods include garlic, soft cheese, raw mushrooms, and cooked hot food. These foods are not safe enough to vacuum seal packaging.

Vacuum Sealed Jars | A Step by Step Guide

Vacuum sealing a jar is not a complex process. You can also seal a jar within a short time. Here is the step-by-step guideline for vacuum sealing a glass jar.

Elements we need to vacuum seal a jar:

  • A clean and sterilized jar
  • Jar lid to seal the jar
  • Jar sealer
  • Accessory hose
  • Vacuum machine
  • Threaded band.

The Step by Step Guide is as follows-

Here some easy steps are described on how to seal vacuum jars.

  1. First, take a clean jar (glass/meson) and sterile it. Then, place the item you want to store in the jar. For better results, keep at least one inch space in the jar. After that, please wipe the rim periodically to keep it dry and clean.
  2. Place a clean sealer lid on the jar as it is set to the jar rim. Then, you can set the jar sealer at the top of the lid. You can also add the sealer in the middle of the jar with product information.
  3. Add one hose in the ancillary port and at the end of the jar another part. Besides, lock the latch of the machine. Then, press the vacuum button to start vacuuming the jar. When vacuuming is done, the machine will be stopped, and lights will be turned off.
  4. When the machine stops, vacuuming and lights will be turned off. Then, unlock the latch on the machine. After that, remove the jar sealer from the jar and check the sealer lid, which should be attached to the rim of the jar.
  5. At last screw on the thread band of the jar to store it for a long-time.

It’s as easy as that!

When you use the product, unscrew the thread band and use a spoon to detach the lid and rim of the jar. You can use the same jar lid again to vacuum seal another jar.


During doing this process, be careful about the following things_

  • Do not feel the whole jar. Leave a little space on top of the jar.
  • Check the jar if there is any leakage in it or not.
  • Don’t put the jar in the fridge when it is too hot. Cool it enough before refrigeration.


If you can store foods in vacuum-sealed jars, you can save both time and money. Besides, all nutrition is still intact in these foods. Therefore, I think you will be benefited if you follow the steps accordingly. To increase the longevity of your foods, use vacuum sealed jars.

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