6 Ways to Strain Rice without a Strainer

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Rice could be a staple in several households. Not solely is it one of the versatile grains that you will cook with. Besides, few people don’t have a strainer. That’s why people are looking for some good ways to strain Rice without a strainer.

However, I’ve looked into the solution and made a list of six ways to strain Rice without a strainer. So, let’s dive into the process through the article.

Six Ways to Strain Rice without a Strainer

There are few techniques to strain the Rice. However, I’ll show you the easiest ways to strain Rice without a strainer. Let’s check in detail.

1. Lewis Bag

If you got Lewis’s bag around your room, you might use both of these to stress your Rice. However, the biggest challenge is using these Lewis bags. Due to porous, it would be great to strain the Rice quickly. Therefore, you can strain the water using this Lewis bag technique.

2. The Cooking Pot’s Lid

If you want to make your job faster and easier, you can use the cooking pot’s lid technique. Using a large pot lid helps you strain the Rice if it is big enough to cover the pot. By using this method, please place the lid against the pot’s top edge.

After that, tip the pot slowly sideways. Then the water starts to pour out from the sides quickly. However, do not tip the pot too fast whether you don’t want the Rice to pour out.

3. Filtering

If you love making your coffee at home, I’m sure you got some disposable filters. So, yeah, you can use the disposable filters to put pressure on your Rice. To use this method, place two or three filters into a large bowl. After that, take another bowl that will help you to transfer after sifting the Rice. So, please place this bowl aside.

4. An Outsized Serving Spoon

A large serving spoon is a great handy tool to strain your Rice. If the spoon size is bigger, then it also gives better results. Besides, keep in mind that this process takes a little bit longer time. However, start with a large spoon and collect Rice from the pot. Set the bowl perfectly so that the Rice will go inside the dip accordingly.

After that, gently tilt the spoon to the side, also hold the side of the pot for a couple of seconds. As a result, the water can drain quickly if you can drain the water without spilling the Rice from the spoon. Then, chuck the Rice within the bowl, and continue the work until all it is perfectly strained.

5. A Dish Towel

Suppose you are under pressure and want to strain your Rice without a strainer. Then, a clean dish towel from your kitchen can help you do the job. In this way, you have to take some precautions. Because your hand can be quickly burned from the hot water. Therefore, use the dishtowel and set it on a large empty bowl to ease your work.

6. Paper Towels

I think this technique is the most unusual to all of them. However, it works well. In this process, remove five or six tissues from the tissue roll. After that, ensure that you tear all the paper off the roll at once and not separately.

Can You Cook Rice without A Lid?

Yes, it is possible. But you’ve to take some precautions from cooking bubbles. It creates after boiling water and Rice. However, if you can protect this bubbling and boil from overheating, you can cook Rice without a Lid.

The normal instructions for cooking rice on the stove is to cover the Rice after boiling. Here, some easy steps are discussed briefly to ease your cooking.

  • Rinse the Rice first and follow the instructions guide. After that, add some water and rice to a pot according to its standard. However, rice water depends on different rice water varieties.
  • Now, boil the water and Rice without using the lid. After that, reduce it too low to heat(after boiling), and leave it for a while, like 5 minutes.
  • Monitor the water level. Generally, white Rice absorbs water very quickly. So, stir the Rice occasionally. The process also helps to keep the top layer from drying out quickly.
  • After that, check the bottom layer by digging into the Rice. Then see how much water remains. If you don’t see any water or a little bit of water, then stop cooking.


How Do You Clean Rice Without A Strainer?

Impure Rice may clump together and can also have some chemical impurities. Properly rinsing Rice can help you to remove excess starch. Almost every table uses the starchy item with meat and vegetables.

Whether you love sautéed vegetables, meats, and curry, were mixing with Rice can enhance your taste. It is also widely used due to its self-life. So, let’s check some unique steps.

  • Select a transparent, wide, deep bowl, then pour a cup of Rice within it. The transparency will help you to remove the dirt from the Rice.
  • Wash your Rice with three times water in a bowl or large pot.
  • Using your hand stir the Rice to rub the grains against each other. It also removes dirt and germs.
  • Let the Rice settled in the bottom
  • To get a significant result, repeat the method 2-3 times.
  • After that, transfer this into a cooking pot.


Rice is an element of nice traditional preparation. It may cause culture clashes once completely different cooks meet. Even over easy matters like rinse your Rice. Especially, wherever Rice was initially domesticated.

However, every information is demonstrated very easily to ease your cooking habit and also make your life easier. Besides, keep in mind by making a silly mistake you can’t intake the Rice. To escape from this, read all the ways to strain Rice without a strainer, and follow the instructions accordingly.

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