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What Are The Best Countertops For An Outdoor Kitchen?

When it comes to cooking outside, the countertop is what you need to be sure of. There’s no point in rushing ahead and making a decision without knowing all the facts. That’s where we’re here to help. We’ll make sure that you make the right choice when it comes to your countertop so you can focus on other things.

What’s the main style of countertop?

When it comes to selecting a countertop for your outdoor kitchen, there are three distinct styles that should be taken into consideration: tile, concrete and solid surface. These options range from beautiful, natural stone to durable recycled materials.

Tile Countertop

The most common choice for countertops is tile. You can usually buy tiles that are meant for an outdoor kitchen, or you can use indoor ones and give them a coat of sealant to protect them. These tiles are readily available in any home improvement store like Lowes, Home Depot, Menards. If you want a granite tile, you should be prepared to spend a lot on it, as quality granite tiles can run hundreds of dollars for just one.

Concrete Countertop

If you have a more modern kitchen, concrete countertops might work for you. There are companies out there that can give you the countertops made specifically for your outdoor kitchen. If you want exact measurements, these are the kind of people to call. This isn’t something that you’ll find at your local home improvement store because it’s not meant for indoor use.

Solid Surface Countertop

When it comes to solid surface countertops, you’ll have two choices: Lava Rock or Composite. Both of these are more modernized versions of the stone countertop. They are made with recycled materials and are extremely lightweight, making them perfect for an outside kitchen.

What do I need to think about when purchasing a new Outdoor Kitchen?

There are several key things to consider when considering a new outdoor kitchen. You need to think about the countertops you’re going to want, how many people will be using it and for what purpose. When you have a family, an extra high end countertop may not make sense because they’ll see more wear and tear.

When it comes to having an outdoor kitchen just for yourself, you don’t have to skimp out. Think about what countertop material would suit your needs best. Each of these are great options for any home, but the choice is yours.

What are my choices for Outdoor Kitchen Countertops?

As long as you have an even surface, it is possible to create a countertop that suits you. You just need to know what material works best and be sure of your decision before moving on. Here’s a quick guide of the best countertops for outdoor kitchens today for choices:


Tile is one of the more common options of countertops for an outdoor kitchen. Tile can be easily created with any material, but most people tend to use ceramic tiles . These tiles are weather resistant, so they won’t break down when exposed to the elements. However, you’ll need to seal them so that the water doesn’t get absorbed into the tile itself. That will lead to water spots and a ruined countertop.


Concrete is becoming a very popular choice for home owners who want to create an outdoor kitchen. This type of countertop is made from recycled materials, making it the perfect environment friendly option. Concrete is also a versatile material that can be poured into any shape or form you want to create a unique look.

Solid Surface

If you want a modern outdoor kitchen, solid surface countertops are a great option. These surfaces come in either Lava Rock or Composite styles. If you want something that feels like stone without having to have an actual stone, this is the perfect choice for you . Solid surfaces are also extremely easy to clean, so they are the best when it comes to keeping an outdoor kitchen hygienic.

Lime Stone

One of the most unique types of countertops are lime stone. There are several different grades that you can purchase, depending on how natural or polished you want your final product to look . Lime stone is a durable material that is long lasting, but it needs to be sealed. This is done for both aesthetics and weather proofing purposes. If you don’t treat the lime stone, water spots will form on your countertop which can be permanent.


Another popular choice of outdoor kitchens is mosaic countertops. These are made with small pieces of tile, marble or stone that are fitted together to create a unique design. Mosaic countertops are extremely affordable, so they are perfect if you don’t want to spend too much money on your outdoor kitchen. They can be just as beautiful as solid surfaces, but they come at about half the price.


Like mosaic countertops, marble countertops are made from small pieces of stone. The difference is that marble uses the highest grade of stones, which makes them very expensive. However, they do not need to be sealed or resealed like many other materials. This makes them perfect if you want a high end look without having to worry about upkeep.

Glass tops

 For those who want a unique look, glass top countertops may be the perfect choice. These countertops are made from tempered glass that is placed atop an aluminum frame. The benefit of this type of countertop is that it does not require much care. All you need to do is wash them and ensure there’s no debris on the surface. Because glass is so delicate, it makes sure you don’t damage your countertop with any objects.


 Slatwall is the most expensive option of outdoor countertops. It is made with hardwood and comes in either solid or laminate. Like mosaic countertops, you can choose the style that you want, thereby creating an extremely custom look with stone or tile pieces. Slatwall is weather proof but sealing it will ensure that your countertop will last for decades with very little maintenance.

Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is one of the most durable types of countertops you can have for your outdoor kitchen. It’s an extremely hard material that will last for decades, but it does not require any sealing because the material itself is weather proof. The downside to Ipe wood is that it’s very expensive, making it more of a luxury option.


Soapstone countertops are another expensive option that will last you for many years. This type of counters is made from natural soapstone, and it never needs to be resealed. It is extremely easy to clean and comes in a variety of different colors, so you can get creative when designing your outdoor kitchen’s look.


The most traditional option is granite countertops, which are also one of the most durable materials you can have for your outdoor kitchen. Granite is known to last forever, but it does not come cheap. It’s extremely hard to damage granite countertops, though, so it’s beneficial if you like to cook with cast-iron skillets or other objects that may scratch the surface. Granite does not need to be sealed or resealed.

What Size Outdoor Kitchen Do I Need?

Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. From big to small, there is an option for any home. You just need to make sure you measure your counter space before choosing a size. A good general rule of thumb is the more counter space you have, the bigger you can go with your outdoor kitchen.

If it’s a standard 30″ counter space, a good size to pick up is a 4 foot kitchen. This will give you more than enough room for everything you need. However, if your outdoor kitchen isn’t very big, it’s best to stick to something smaller like an island. These are typically around 3 feet wide and give you plenty of room for cooking and prep.

How Much Is An Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can be a big commitment and an expensive one. While you don’t want to go overboard, it’s important that your outdoor kitchen is the best quality possible. That means picking up high end materials like marble, stone or solid surface countertops. The best way to get a rough estimate on cost is to decide how much you want to spend and then go from there. You can always upgrade your outdoor kitchen later if you start out small.

Can I Do My Own Outdoor Kitchen?

Yes, this is a very doable project for anyone who has DIY experience. Of course, you’ll need the right tools for it and a professional should always be consulted before you start. It’s also important that your outdoor kitchen is built to code. However, if you know what you’re doing and follow the right safety precautions, it’s perfectly okay for you to install an outdoor kitchen on your own.


With the right countertop, you can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen that is both functional and inviting. Not sure where to start? This article will walk through your options in detail so you know what to look for when choosing an outdoor countertop. We’ll also show some examples of how they are used by other homeowners who have gone before us! What are your favorite materials for an outdoor kitchen? Share with us on our social media!

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